American Meter Gas Regulator SR113


**3/4" & 1" IN STOCK**

Product Description:

The compact, high capacity SR113 service regulator is designed for residential or light commercial/industrial applications using various hydrocarbon or other non-corrosive gases. 3/4" comes in a 90 degree or 180 degree body. Standard with a 180 degree body for 1" & 1.25" NPT.


  • Residential
  • Light commercial


  • Outlet pressure ranges available in 6” W.C. up to 2 PSIG.
  • Variety of interchangeable orifices.
  • Wide capacity range provides the ability to standardize on varying applications
  • Full lockup capability provides assurance that downstream pressure will not build up during no-flow situations
  • Full capacity relief provides safety during abnormal overpressure occurrences
  • Compact design combined with high performance
  • Cast Iron Valve Body Sizes 3/4”; available in 90 degree (right angle), 180 degree (straight) and offset configurations.
  • Capacities through 2500 SCFH.
  • Full capacity internal relief valve. 3/4” or 1” NPT threaded vents. Molded Diaphragm provides more precise outlet pressure control.
  • All models conform to ANSI Code B109.4 and CGA Service-type Regulator Specification CAN/CGA 6.18-M95.
Standard Stock: 3/4" or 1" NPT, 180 Degree Valve Body, 5/16" Orifice & 7-12" w.c. Spring.

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