MCS Technical Services, Calibrations and Repairs

MCS has over 45 years of experience testing, calibrating and repairing liquid, gas and steam measurement products for Industrial customers. Our Technical Services staff is highly skilled, professionally trained and dedicated to providing exceptional service with an unparalleled commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Meter test, calibration & repair

  • All brands of industrial / commercial gas meters
  • Mechanical batch and industrial process meters
  • Field & shop meter proving equipment
  • Instrumentation calibration and certification

Air quality regulatory compliance

  • Solution design and implementation
  • Compliance consulting
  • Meter test and certification
  • Annual maintenance contracts

Testing equipment and standards

  • Rotary, bell & CVM transfer provers
  • American Gas Association (AGA) test procedures
  • Licensed by CA Department of Weights and Measures
  • National Institute of Standars and Technology (NIST) traceable

Licensing and Standards:

  • Licensed by the State of California Division of Weights and Measures
  • All testing is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Testing of gas meters is performed in accordance with American Gas Association (AGA) procedures.

MCS Industrial Services:

  • Liquid, Gas and Steam Meter Service
  • Meter and Gauge Test, Repair & Certification
  • Instrumentation Test & Calibration
  • Submetering:  Gas, Water & Electric
  • Compliance Backflow Testing
    • Fabrication of Custom Electronic
    • Batching Systems
    • Filling EquipmentRemote Monitoring