About Us

Established in 1964, Measurement Control Systems (MCS) is a California-based business supplying gas meters, gas regulators, water meters and various other residential, industrial and commercial flow meters to thousands of utility, industrial, and government customers throughout the US and the world. We are the #1 source for gas meters, gas regulators, water meters and various other flow measurement and control instrumentation. 

Need help meeting job spec requirements? We offer timely engineering assistance for meter and regulator applications.  When it comes down to completing your job on time, we offer a huge warehouse full of stock for quick delivery.

  • Industrial Sales - Engineered flow, pressure and temperature measurement and monitoring solutions for all process applications
  • Technical Services – Meter Maintenance, Test & Repair, Instrument Calibration & Certification

Key Products

  • Gas & Liquid Flow Meters — Diaphragm, Rotary, Turbine, Ultrasonic, Magnetic, Variable Area, Vortex
  • Industrial Flow Meters — Mechanical, Mass Process Control, Batching/Blending, Oval Gear
  • AMR/AMI —Meters and Meter Reading Systems
  • Controls & Instrumentation — Pressure and Level
  • Gauges, Transmitters, Pumps, Thermometers
  • Calibration Instruments — Pressure and Temperature
  • Industrial Solar/Remote Power — Photovoltaic Modules

Company Expertise

  • Product Specification and Selection of Industrial Meters, Process Instrumentation, Utility Meters & AMR/AMI Systems
  • Specialized Metering Application Design
  • Process Monitoring System Design & Implementation
  • Submetering Solution Design and Implementation: Gas, Water & Electric
  • Meter Testing, Repair & Certification Traceable to NIST standards