Honeywell AMCO evoQ4 Electromagnetic Flow Meter (Sizes 1-1/2" to 12")



Product Description:

The evoQ4 is a battery powered electromagnetic water meter that is suitable for a wide range of metering applications. Using Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, two magnets provide a magnetic field within the pipe; two electrodes measure the induced voltage that is proportional to the flow of conductive water through the field in the pipe. Every 0.5 seconds the measurement is taken and the totalized volume is calculated and updated on the LCD display. The meter is designed for 10 years of continuous operation with no battery changes necessary. The meter will ship in cubic feet or us gallons. 


The meter is for use only with potable cold water up to 120°F. The meter will typically register at +/-0.75% accuracy at normal and high flows and better than 95% accuracy at extended low flows. The evoQ4 product line is suited for metering utility customer services for potable water. With the addition of outputs described below, the meter can fulfill a number of distribution management roles as well.

Product Documentation:

EVOQ4 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Brochure

EVOQ4 Remote Display Spec Sheet

EVOQ4 Encoder Module Spec Sheet

EVOQ4 Pulse Module Spec Sheet

EVOQ4 Alternate Length Spec Sheet

EVOQ4 Standard Sizes Spec Sheet

EVOQ4 Low Flow Spec Sheet