Honeywell American Meter RABO® Rotary Gas Meters

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The newest, innovative rotary gas meter on the market. An economical equivalent to Dresser™ Roots™ B3. 

Product Description:

The Honeywell American Meter RABO® rotary gas meter is unparalleled in cost, performance and maintainability. The rotatable index makes installations as plug-n-play as possible and simple add-on features such as pulse output and electronic volume correction/compensation allow for easy upgrades. 

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Product Documentation:

We are the #1 distributor of the #1 gas meter in the world. We are the distributor of Honeywell's American Meter RABO® Rotary Gas Meters. 

We have all sizes of Honeywell American Meter RABO® Rotary Gas Meter (3.5M-14M) IN STOCK!


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Honeywell Mercury Instruments Electronic Volume Correctors:

Meter more intelligently and with greater accuracy by adding a Honeywell Mercury Instrument electronic corrector data-logger to your meter.

Add a Flange Kit:

Protect your investment with the right mounting equipment by adding an MCS flange kit to your order. 

Our flange kits include:

  • (1) Full face 80 Mesh Gasket Strainer
  • (2) ANSI 150 Flanges
  • (1) Full Face Garlock Gasket
  • All the Hex Bolts You Need
RABO® is a registered trademark of the Honeywell American Meter company. Dresser™ and Roots™ are registered trademarks of the General Electric Company or its affiliates.