American Meter-Diaphragm Gas Sub-meter AM250 (250,000 BTU/hour)


A 3/4" side inlet & outlet diaphragm gas sub-meter available with temp. comp. and pulse output.

Product Description:

Diaphragm gas meter with odometer style cubic feet (CF) index. Residential and Commercial.


The ideal meter for measuring gas to mobile home parks, for LP applications, or wherever US standard pipe thread connections are desirable.  Properly installed, this meter will accurately measure gas loads ranging from one pilot light to its full recommended capacity.


  • Die-cast aluminum case
  • Oil-impregnated, self-lubricating bearings
  • Exclusive convoluted diaphragm
  • Rigid, reinforced flag rods
  • Graphite-filled phenolic valves
  • Long-life grommet seals
  • Temperature compensation available from -30° to 140° F
  • Pointer or odometer index
  • 5 PSI MAOP and 250 cfh at 1/2-inch w.c. differential
  • Automatic meter reader compatibility

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