Tehama Wireless DCAP: Data Concentrating Access point


Product Description:

The DCAP is at the heart of the Tehama Wireless AMR system. The DCAP incorporates a powerful embedded computer and comprehensive database, along with an integrated radio transceiver to communicate with each and every meter node.

The database stores all site information including meter and MDT serial numbers, property address, and even installation and maintenance notes so everything about the property is contained in one central location. In operation, the DCAP collects and stores meter readings from the various MDTs in the network, with historical 15 minute data available instantly for at least six months. Our CIT software provides an easy user interface for configuring the DCAP and monitoring each unit, including including setting alarm thresholds which trigger automatic email alerts sent from the DCAP when alarm conditions are detected.


  • Compact design with integrated radio transceiver unit having 750 mWatt output for long RF range.
  • Remote Access feature allows communication with DCAP when it is installed behind a firewall.
  • Reading data automatically sent daily from DCAP via email or to an FTP site. 
  • Database storage for over 3 million data points (over 3 months storage for 250 meters with 15 minute interval readings).
  • 10/100M Ethernet for easy access to data over the internet.
  • Support for optional cellular modem if internet not available.
  • Multiple levels of security for database access (installation user, restricted billing user). Passwords customizable at installation time.
  • Integrated alarm monitoring with configurable email alerts.
  • Accurate real time clock.
  • USB port for initial device setup (Passwords and optional Static IP).
  • FCC certified for US and Canada.



Communication • 10/100 Ethernet (Email reports and alerts)
• Cellular modem (Optional)
• Phone Modem (Available in future)
Open Field Range Up to 1 mile
Data Storage Over 3 million data points (Provides over 3 months storage for 250 meters with 15 minute interval readings)
Dimensions 5.6" x 5.25" x 1.75" (excludes external antenna)
Operating Environment -20 to 145 degrees F, up to 90% RH, non-condensing
Power 120 VAC wall transformer


Product Documentation: