2" Rotary Gas Meter | 3.5M-TCI | 3500 MBH


Honeywell RABO Series 3.5M-TCI Temperature Compensated Rotary Gas Meter

A 2" ANSI CL150 rotary type gas meter with a Honeywell TCI electronic temperature compensating index.

  • Natural Gas Metering (Volumetric Positive Displacement)
  • Propane Gas Metering (Volumetric Positive Displacement)
  • Non-Corrosive Gas Metering (Volumetric Positive Displacement)
  • Temperature Compensated Gas Metering
  • Fix Factor Pressure Compensated Gas Meter
  • Process Monitoring
  • Pulse Output Gas Metering
  • Gas Meter Alarm Monitoring
  • Gas Metering up to 290 PSI MAOP
  • Gas Metering up to 3500 ACFH