Honeywell American Quantometer Turbine Gas Meter


Product Description:

The QA meter offers the ultimate in compactness
and accuracy to continuously monitor and control
fuel and process gas consumption. Suitable for
working pressures up to 175 psig, QA Quantometers
are available for line sizes 1” through 3” and can be
supplied with either English or metric registration.


  • Lightweight, aluminum construction reduces installation costs.

  • Permanently lubricated bearings eliminate regular maintenance.

  • Rugged mechanical index rotatable through 360° accommodates any installation requirements.

  • Low- and high-frequency pulse outputs allow remote instruments to be field retrofitted at a later date.

  • Direct read odometer index reduces meter reading errors

  • Vertical or horizontal mounting suitable for burner train installations.

Product Specification:

QA Quantometer Turbine Gas Meter