GE Kilowatt Hour Reconditioned Electric Meter


***IN STOCK***

Easy reading all purpose meter. ANSI approved. Use for either 120 or 240 volts or both at the same time (120/240V). 5 digits. 200 amp max. These Utility Grade meters have been removed from service and reconditioned and certified. If you are selling power back to the utility grid, you can keep track of how much power your system is generating. Order one of the raintight bases to mount and connect wires to the meter. The meters have been remanufactured by Hialeah Meter Company and are guaranteed for twice as long as new meters, for two full years! Hialeah certifies that every meter leaving their plant has been restored to the original manufacturer's specifications. Each meter is skillfully adjusted by trained technicians on automatic testing equipment according to procedures specified by the American National Standard Code for Electricity Metering (ANSI C-12). Accuracy has been carefully calibrated to within 1%. CEC approved.


  • Ruggedly designed, one-piece, molded baseplate made of arc-tracking resistant phenolic material
  • Fiber glass filter removes dust particles from air passing through the filter and reduces condensation in the meter
  • Class 200, watt hour meter, 3W, 120/240V, socket mount

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