Maxitrol Vent-Limited Line Pressure Regulators w/ OPD (5 PSIG Systems)

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Maxitrol’s 325 L-Series with overpressure protection devices (OPDs) are CSA certified (ANSI Z21.80/CSA 6.22) for up to 5 psi inlet pressure, and 7 to 11 inches w.c. outlet pressure (see page 18).

The L-models with OPDs are for use on piping systems up to 5 psi such as CSST (corrugated stainless steel), semirigid copper tubing, or steel/black iron pipe. The regulators reduce pounds pressure to a level within the appliance or equipment’s operating supply range. The line regulator is located upstream of appliances already fitted with a regulator.

At supply pressures in excess of 2 psi, the ANSI Z21.80/CSA 6.22 standard for line pressure regulators requires an overpressure protection device - OPD. The OPD must be integral or factory preassembled, approved and tested for use with the regulator, to limit the downstream pressure to 2 psi maximum, in the event of line regulator failure.

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Maxitrol 5 PSI Line Pressure Regulators