American Meter-AL425 Natural Gas Flow Meter (425,000 BTU/hour)



Gas Meter: 425,000 BTU/hour 

A multipurpose diaphragm gas meter capable of gas loads up to 425 MBH (0.6 SG Gas @ 7" WC). Our standard stock configurations come with 1-1/4" connections.

Product Description:

The Honeywell American Meter AL425 is a diaphragm gas meter with an odometer index that registers gas volume in cubic feet. Available with temperature compensation.  Generally used for residential, commercial & industrial metering applications.


    • Superior corrosion resistance, aluminum casing
    • 10 or 25 PSIG MAOP
    • Regular or Temperature Compensated
    • AMR compatibility
    • Permanent lube bearings
    • 1-1/4" Top Connections (30LT)
    • 4 digit odometer index (CCF)

    Product Specifications: AL425.pdf