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Neptune Ink Meter


Type S high pressure flowmeter

Red Seal- Neptune Ink Meter


Product Description: Type S high pressure flow meter. High pressure ink meter  used to measure costly printing inks Please call us at (844)263-7582 for pricing.     Product Documentation Neptune Ink Meter  

GPI Flomec- OM Series Oval Gear Flow Meter


CALL FOR PRICING 844-263-7582 Product Description Standard options - Stainless Steel or Aluminum body with a stainless steel rotor, carbon ceramic bearings, FKM O-Ring material (Aluminum), PTFE encapsulated FKM (Stainless Steel), a maximum temperature limit of 120 ° C, NPT female threaded process connections.   Many options are available, please...

Zenner: Positive Displacement Water Meter


Product Description: Use for cold water, residential, commercial, & industrial Sizes: 5/8” through 2”–Complies with AWWA C700, ISO 4064 Zenner Performance Positive Displacement Water Meters utilize a magnetically driven, positive displacement, oscillating piston design. It is designed to measure clean potable water where flow is in one direction.  Applications: Residential...

Red Seal: Neptune Type S Flowmeter


Product Description Type S Flowmeters utilize the nutating disc principle of positive displacement measuring chamber technology. This design results in an accurate flowmeter that is insensitive to changes in viscosity and flow profile disturbances. The dual case measuring chamber design means particle matter and high fluid pressure do not influence...