Red Seal: Neptune Type S Flowmeter



Product Description

Type S Flowmeters utilize the nutating disc principle of positive displacement measuring chamber technology. This design results in an accurate flowmeter that is insensitive to changes in viscosity and flow profile disturbances. The dual case measuring chamber design means particle matter and high fluid pressure do not influence accuracy.

The Standard Type S comes with:

  • Base unit that houses and protects the measuring chamber and gear train
  • Register that provides reset of delivery and totalization


  • Liquids: Vegetable oils, liquid sugar, water, corn syrup, sucrose, mineral spirits, solvents, latex, asphalt, fuel oil, molasses, animal fat, Toulene, Acetone, milk, juice, acids, lube oil

  • Industry: Sewage Treatment, Brick Manufacturing, Ceiling Tile manufacturing, Hospital utilities, School Heating, Pharmaceuticals, Adhesives, Farm Services, Fragrances, Animal Feed, Chemicals, Food Canning, Bakery, Plastics, Beverage Production, Paint and Coatings, Tire Manufacturing, Paper Mill, Beverage Bottling

The Neptune Type S Flowmeter can be used in many different industries with numerous fluids. The Type S has been particularly successful in the animal feed industry batching molasses into the feed. Molasses is sprayed onto the feed to enhance the flavor. The Type S is not affected by viscosity and worked perfectly measuring the thick molasses. The meter used in this particular application was a one-inch bronze Type S with a 157 register and pulser.


  • Bronze outer body components compatible with hundreds of nonacidic liquids
  • Handles suspended solids that other meters can’t
  • Durable Ryton discs
  • Variety of registers, pulsers, and totalizers are available
  • Simple to operate and economical to use
  • Easy maintenance
  • Positive and accurate registration
  • Not influenced by high fluid pressure

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