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Jet Pump - Penberthy Jet Pumps- Gas Motive -  Models GH, GL

Penberthy Jet Pumps- Gas Motive - Models GH, GL


Product Description:

The GL and GH are used for exhausting and evacuating using steam or gas as an operating medium.

Jet Pumps with a wide range of liquid and gas pumping applications.  Low head (GL): Up to 50 feet. High Head (GH): 80 feet or more.

Operating medium: steam, air or liquids
Operating medium pressure range: 20 - 200 psig
Maximum vacuum with closed suction: 29 inches Hg Vac, 45 inches H2O


Our jet pumps come in a large variety of options.  Call us at 844-263-7582 for all available options.

Pumping liquids using a liquid or gas (steam) motive is one of the most recognized uses of Penberthy jet pumps. These units can also be used for blending, evacuating, exhausting and priming. These units are self-priming, have no moving parts and provide a very simple cost effective method of handling a wide variety of liquids and processes.



  • Water treatment
  • Refrigeration
  • Petroleum
  • Petro chemical
  • Mining
  • General process industries.



  • No moving parts, nothing to break or wear
  • No lubrication and virtually maintenance free
  • They are practically noiseless in operation
  • Initial cost is very low
  • Installation cost is low, these units are compact with no special foundations or wiring required
  • Reliable operations with low maintenance and operating cost



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