Honeywell- Mini-AT- PTZ Electronic Volume Corrector


Product Description:

The Mini-AT is a full featured, stand alone, electronic gas volume corrector. Its standard mounting is on rotary, turbine, and diaphragm meters that have a rotating shaft (instrument drive) output. The Mini-AT is also compatible with meters that provide high or low frequency meter pulses when the appropriate interface board is installed.

You can connect to the Mini-At via Desktop, Laptop, Palm, or Pocket PC computers to configure and download the Mini-AT. You will also need Mini-AT Link or MasterLink32 software. The Mini AT is available in the standard Meter Mount, Wall Mount, and Pipe Stand Mounted.



  • High-performance, low power microprocessor
  • Extended battery life
  • Extended Audit Trail memory capacity (140+ days of hourly)
  • FLASH memory (hence, no plug-in EPROMs)
  • Firmware updates via serial port
  • Jumper selectable Form-A or Form-C pulse output
  • Jumper selectable Pulse Widths for volume pulses
  • Dual serial ports (local and modem) with independent baud rate settings
  • High-speed data transfers (up to 38.4 k baud)
  • On-board surge protection for serial & pulse data
  • On-board connectors for a second pressure & temperature transducer
  • Logging of a 2nd pressure (for monitoring pressure)
  • Call-In via Alarm Pulse or AT commands


Product Documentation: