Honeywell- Electronic Pressure Recorder- ERX


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Product Description:

The ERX, with its many configuration and accessory options, is able to monitor and provide alarm notification for most any pressure measurement applications.  The ERX provides accurate pressure measurement, long term battery operation, remote communications, extended Audit Trail logging, and various pressure ranges.  The combined set of features and options in this pressure/temperature recorder meets the needs of practically any Class 1, Division 1 & 2 location.


  • Up to 3 pressure inputs
  • Easy two point callibration
  • 3 operating modes (Sample, push-button display, and serial communications)
  • Modbus Protocal with optional Protocal Translator Board
  • Extended Audit Trail Memory
  • Wall-mount, pipe-mount, and portable mounting options
  • RBX Alarm notification
  • Variety of Reports: Log, Item, Site and Calibration
  • Expanded alarms, including High/High and Low/Low



Maximum error at reference conditions including linearity, repeatability and hysteresis

  • Pressure Transducer: ±0.4% of full scale
  • Temperature Sensor: ± 1.0 degrees Fahrenheit (0.56 Celsius)

      Ambient Temperature Effects

      • From -40 to +160 degrees Fahrenheit. Pressure Transducer has ± of full scale per 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
      • No effect on temperature sensor


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