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Elster Meter is a worldwide market leader for state-of-the art high accuracy down-stream gas measurement and regulation. Elster Meter supplies you worldwide with Meter and SMART meter systems, communication modules to the head end system and many more. Furthermore, Elster Perfection offers a complete line of gas distribution products that allow installers to make fast easy and safe connections from “main to meter” and from “tank to house”.

American Meter- 3000 Series Gas Pressure Regulator
from $799.00

American Meter- 3000 Series Gas Pressure Regulator

Elster American Meter Co.

Inlet Pressure range: 8″ W.C.-30 PSIOutlet Pressure Range: 1″ W.C.-2 PSI; Gas Load Capacity: 1500 to 90,000 SCFH The 3000 Series regulator is best ...

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from $799.00